My Spontaneous Plan

There’s a myth.

There’s a myth that good writers are brimming with ideas, epiphanies and brilliant prose at any time on any day. Hogwash.

What good writers have, or strive to adhere to, is a schedule. We have to make ourselves write, to get to the good stuff. We have to remind ourselves that we love it. We have to insist the periods of dry paper are few and far between. Writing is an art. As I stand in front of the canvas, I just keep painting. I may paint over the ugly strokes again and again. What I set out to create, may not be what I end up with in the end, but eventually, a masterpiece rests on the easel.

I am most definitely a writer. There’s no doubt about this. Now as I chip away at my fifteenth novel – hoping to be done by November first – it’s safe to say, I can write a book. But writing books isn’t enough anymore. Now writers that want to be successful are encouraged, in fact we are instructed, to build a platform. This means tweeting and Facebook. This means websites and yes, by God you better be blogging.

So I could post just about anything every day. Perhaps what I had for breakfast, a detailed explanation of what arrived in the mail or a mind numbing play-by-play of the exciting tangle of laundry and make-up tutorials I have planned for my day. But the idea is not just to blog, but to blog successfully.


What makes a successful blog? Attracting followers. Providing entertainment or insight. Something memorable. Something new. You have to touch your readers. Best case scenario – you make a name for yourself.

So, how will I be wildly successful at this task I never asked to be heaped upon me to begin with? I am determined to find that out. Some days, the writing will come easy. Something will be on my mind. I will have something to say. Other days, the struggle will be real. On those days, I’ll remember this post, remind myself of all the possibilities and find inspiration again!

In my blog, I hope to provide…

~ Reflection on current events, news, etc.

~ Occasional commentary on truly interesting things that happen in my day/week/life.

~ Less often, not so interesting tidbits on my life that simply give my readers a glimpse into my personality, experiences, etc.

~ TRUTH: When I’m really empty on clever stories, I will use blog or writing prompts!! No shame!! 🙂

~ Once in awhile I’m going to celebrate individuals in my life who have left an impression on me for whatever reason.

~ Updates on information on where I am and where I’m going professionally. How my work-in-progress is doing, where is my next conference, agents, new books, etc. This could include advice and industry experiences I want to share with fellow writers.

~ Maybe once in a while a book review, a how-to, recipes, etc.

~ All things on being a woman; relationships, motherhood, societal demands and the female role as I see it. Parenting a special needs child. Watching my father slip away to ALS. My past, present and future without a mother. These will not be posts just about me and my thoughts, but reflective pieces meant to encourage and inspire others in my position or relating to my circumstances in some way.

~ Last but not least… there will be days I write nonsense, that comes from nowhere, because life is crazy.


I’m excited to have this post done. It’s a recipe of sorts. I know it will help me find success. Tell me what you like, what you hate, what you’d love to see. Share! Share! Share!


Take Two

“This is your very first post.”

Not really. The truth is, my old WordPress blog is lost, floating somewhere in internet oblivion, perhaps on a shelf in the cloud. It’s not important. I’m a writer. I’m always writing or ghost blogging, submitting articles or sculpting my next one-of-a-kind query. It’s like breathing. It’s what I do.

So, recently or perhaps long ago, it’s been conscientiously injected in my heaving bag of writer tricks, that I need a platform – an online platform. A hoard of fans, people who know my name, followers. Maybe always, but now more than ever.

I have a platform. I have a Facebook author page. I have books on Amazon. But I’m told I need more. So here we are. This is my new blog, which I hope to contribute to daily. Let’s all collectively cross our fingers.